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JointsWP 5 has launched!

JointsWP launched a little more than 5 years ago as a forked version of Bones (R.I.P.) that included some Foundation 4 functionality. Since then JointsWP has grown and is now used by thousands of developers worldwide on everything from enterprise level WordPress websites to personal blogs. We’re excited to launch JointsWP 5 today (in both… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need to Update JointsWP or Foundation

As WordPress users, we’ve been trained to keep all components of our WordPress install – plugins, themes, core, etc – completely up-to-date to avoid security issues. In fact, the number one question I get about JointsWP is: how do I update JointsWP and/or Foundation? Here’s the answer: you shouldn’t. The Case for Not Updating JointsWP is… Read more »

Foundation 6 Meets WordPress

Foundation (for Sites) 6 is officially here, which means JointsWP 4 is also here! As in previous versions of JointsWP, the theme is essentially “blank” but includes all of the awesome features of Foundation 6. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Foundation 6 and how it effects JointsWP 4.

WordPress Related Posts Without a Plugin

Finding a good “Related Posts” plugin can be hard. Many come with predefined styles or a rigid structure that makes them hard to integrate into your theme. Even worse, most of these plugins are extremely database intensive and some hosts, such as WP Engine, won’t even allow most “Related Post” plugins on their servers (for good… Read more »

CSS Frameworks Are a Great Tool for WordPress Developers

UPDATED 2/25/15 – Added information about use of Foundation mixins for styling WordPress components In August, ThemeShaper posted, “Why Bootstrap is a Bad Fit For WordPress Themes”. While I initially thought the author had issues with Bootstrap specifically, it appears the article was actually targeted towards all CSS frameworks, including Foundation. Some of the arguments… Read more »