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No matter what stage of the web development process you currently find yourself in, a code audit is an action of due diligence on the part of any responsible organization, whether you are nonprofit-focused, a law firm, higher education organization, a local or state government entity, government contractor, or commercial enterprise. An audit is an unequivocally essential aspect of your website’s path to a professionally designed and developed end-product.

Expert Code Auditing and Analysis Services

Mission critical websites require reliability and security, and the quality of your website’s code is the foundation upon which your site is built. It is consequently essential to ensure that this code has been written using industry standard best practices, is of pristine quality, and has been well documented for subsequent use by third parties and new developers.

Several high-profile government organizations have recently received publicity for the extensive repair or complete rebuilds their sites have been required to undergo, at enormous time and financial costs. These unfortunate occurrences were a result of fundamental issues related to inadequate code quality, poor decisions about website architecture, and the under-qualified developers hired to build these sites in the first place.

What is a Code Audit? When Should You Get One?

A code audit involves an in-depth review of all aspects of your WordPress website, through every stage of its development process. An audit allows you to safeguard the financial investment to your site and ensure that you receive the product you envisioned. It does this by:

  1. Evaluating the qualifications of developers during the Request For Proposal (RFP) process:
    • An RFP audit can assess the quality of code samples a developer provides prior to hire, including how well-documented the in-line code appears to remain in compliance with WordPress’ codex standards found here: WordPress Coding Standards
    • It can also evaluate a developer’s preferred external tools and unique workflows to determine how compatible their skill-set is with your organization’s specific website development needs.
  2. Holding the developers you’ve hired accountable by analyzing their in-progress work product:
    • An audit during various pre-determined intervals can pinpoint any concerns about code quality, plus determine how closely web design and programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript conform to industry and WordPress-specific best practices.
    • If any aspect of your site’s code requires better organization, performance optimization at the level of your site’s WordPress theme or plugin code, or any further alterations, an audit will identify these needs and efficiently redirect focus in a manner that is cognizant of project deadlines, ultimately minimizing delays in your website’s official launch or rebuild.
  3. Ensuring the final product (or even your existing website) has been built using industry best practices:
    • An audit will evaluate the existing and recently completed website’s code to determine whether it is written and organized in a way that is intuitive for a site administrator to make changes to on their own.
    • An audit will additionally determine the completeness of the WordPress theme to ensure there are no errors rendered and that the theme includes features like archive pages for custom post types, 404 and search result pages where appropriate, child theme compatibility, and deprecated notices for the latest version of WordPress, among other essential WordPress features.
    • The security of the site can also be evaluated from a user standpoint at this time.

Materiell Offers Unparalleled Code Audit Services


Materiell provides code auditing services to businesses and organizations in the Washington, D.C. Metro area and beyond by acting as an impartial third party throughout each stage of the website development process. Our code auditors, leaders in the fields of software and website development, are passionate about the creation and maintenance of industry-standard code, and are intimately familiar with the content management systems used by many of today’s most successful businesses.

Materiell’s auditors include full stack developers who are recognized experts in the field of WordPress front-end development. Our auditors are accomplished senior developers who have over three decades of combined experience. Having created WordPress plugins and themes for numerous global corporations and organizations, Materiell’s auditors are intimately familiar with the WordPress coding standards essential to ensuring successful completion and launch of some of the world’s top mission critical websites.

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