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WordPress’ Version 3.9 Dashboard Makes it Easy to Manage Content

The release of WordPress version 3.9 today brings even greater ease to content updates using the WP dashboard. Organizations want their staffers to be able to manage the content of their websites in a way that is quick, easy, and fail safe. If this can be done without coding skills, even better. One of the… Read more »

AU Washington College of Law’s Business Law Review Web Design

Materiell an Arlington, Virginia based web design & development firm announces the launch of www.aublr.org for the American University Washington College of Law’s Business Law Review. The American University Washington College of Law is located at 4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC. Visit their business law review’s new website and check out their inaugural issue. www.aublr.org/current issue. Materiell designed & developed… Read more »

New Website – Clear Law Institute – Arlington, Va.

CMS Advertising Group announces the completion and launch of Clear Law Institute’s new WordPress website. Clear Law Institute is an Arlington, Virginia based consultancy that specializes in HR compliance and investigative education and services. We were hired to design and develop their WordPress site. The project took just under 4 weeks to complete.